Watcher of Samsara

It is peculiar that Dota, the game that originated as a fun mod for a hit title, quickly became so popular that it’s now getting mods of its own that receive unprecedented attention. This phenomenon could be visualized as a tree branching out in countless directions, sometimes ending up far away from their roots. One of the latest and greatest fruits of this tree, that Watcher of Samsara game everyone’s talking about, is looking so ripe and appealing that the gaming community just can’t stay away. Hundreds of thousands of players have already downloaded it, and this number is growing by the minute.

So what makes this title so great? At its core the mod is basically a tower defense game that utilizes some of Dota’s assets in clever ways. You are given some heroes to choose from, each of them has a unique set abilities. You can also build more traditional defenses and upgrade your character after some time. Waves of enemies are trying to make their way through the level and it’s your job to stop them.

Watcher play

So why play Watcher of Samsara and not any other game with similar mechanics? Here comes the fun part: this time around you can create your own team consisting of 3 main heroes and 8 additional units – all of them have their unique perks and stats that provide a multitude of interesting combinations. Now multiply that by 3 – the number of players that can participate in a match at the same time – and keep in mind that there are all sorts of weapons and items you can equip to make the experience even more unpredictable!

Samsara is a nice place

But if all that sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry: at the beginning you will be able to choose one of five difficulty levels, so if you’re not familiar with the genre you can always catch up by playing the easier modes without getting too overwhelmed. Another point to make is that although it is recommended to play Watcher of Samsara online, it is not absolutely necessary – the single player mode is pretty great too.

Levels and strategies

Ultimately, the only way to succeed at higher difficulty levels is through team work, cooperation and resilience. It may be very challenging to figure out the best strategy at times, but thanks to the popularity of the mod anyone can go online to read up on the more effective builds on the forums. Watcher of Samsara Reddit community is particularly active, so make sure to check it out if you need some help or advice. Whether you decide to go into the game completely blind or well prepared is up to you, but in any case, good luck!